Pain Management and Healthcare

Healthcare systems have recently made multiple improvements and many more are planned.  There is currently an emphasis on evidence based medicine, patient education, and shared decision making between patient and health care provider.  These changes should result not only in a higher quality healthcare but a greater efficiency for the system and improved satisfaction for both patients and healthcare staff.

Many patients are unaware of the health services available to them and how to choose and evaluate a provider.  Several articles will focus on specific topics which have received much interest in the medical community recently.  These include improving communication between patient and provider, informed consent, expanding patient education, the relationship between stress and disease, end of life care, and complementary  medicine. This site strives to educate patients on what to expect from a medical visit and how to prepare for it.

The authors present evidence from the literature but translate it into terminology for the general public.  This site is somewhat unique in that the information it provides is focused on the health care system.  There are other sources that are disease specific but little on the system itself.  Significant health care changes are occurring and patients and healthcare providers both need to be involved in these changes.

 Suggestions for changes are welcome.